How to Insert Piktochart Infographics Original Size in Blogger

  • Hi friends, we are going to see how to insert the actual size of piktochart infographics image in blogger.
  • Here the main thing is we need to set the width in the range of 400px to 600px of image.because we are posting the image in the blog post layout. The remaining width in blogger will be mostly occupied by sidebars.Otherwise infographic will ruin the blogger design.
  • And the blogger automatically resize the infographic image small because of more height.Example:height=4563 px.
  • The automatic resize is too small to see , so viewers find more difficulty to view the infographic. 
  • Our aim is to give clear view of the infographic at the same time this clear view should be displayed within the blog post layout.
  • Goto piktochart. Design all the things in A4 size.Then after finishing the infographics change the width in the range of 400px to 600px according to post width. 
  • Piktochart will resize the width but will create more blank areas in height. By using the divider drag the height in upper manner to remove the blank areas.
  • Resize content should have the tick mark.We can take tick mark and resize the height and width according to our wish but it will lead to irregular shapes.
  • After finishing this download the infographics in png format.
  • Now goto imgur.Upload the infographics image. When the image is fully uploaded, just right click the image and open in new tab.In that tab copy the image address link which is in the URL.
  • Now return to blogger.Click the image icon. And choose the option "add from a url" .Paste the "imgur image address link". Choose original size and publish.

That's all friends.

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