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Hi friends ,in this post i am sharing how to convert from gif to mp4 online.And in techinfoweb you can see lot of animated gif tutorials.Here i faced some loading problems while placing animated gifs. But in blogger it was somewhat ok with bandwidth while comparing to selfhosted platform. It made me to think "Is it possible to convert from gif to mp4?" I checked both online converters and softwares(for offline purpose).Initially i converted gif to mp4 through softwares (I will write about gif to mp4 converter software in another post) . Then i tried with online converters.Both are doing well only thing you need atleast you should have medium speed internet connection.

Why it is useful to convert gif to mp4?

You can upload converted mp4 to youtube and you can therefore easily start video blogging. It also help you to reach larger audience and traffic to the website.
You can easily embed the youtube video to any blog or website.It reduces the loading of blog or website a little bit because video was not uploaded in blog.

What is cloud convert and how it will be helpful to convert gif to mp4?

Cloudconvert is an online converter which supports more than 200 formats.Cloudconvert reduced my headache. Why? It performed the conversion gif to mp4 perfectly even they are in beta state.For free account you can make 25 conversions per day.You can switch to pro if you want more conversions .The step to create an account is very simple .Just signup with the google account and start the process.
There are only three steps you are away for the conversion .First you have to upload the files to cloud convert or you can add it from dropbox, googledrive, onedrive,box and finally just the paste the url of the animated gif location.For us here (.gif format) 

Then you can set to save the converted file in dropbox,googledrive,onedrive,box .Second step is you have to set the desired output format.For us here (.mp4 format).

And you can have the option to set mp4 in various resolutions like 240p, 320p, 480p ,720p ,1080p .

By clicking the icon shown like above you will get a popupwindow and you can set the different resolutions.

Finally click the start conversion button

Then wait for some time to finish the conversion

Finally it will be finished and saved to google drive

Now you can check the Gif in mp4 format at google drive.


View it as Mp4 video in google drive.

That’s all friends.If you have .gif files i recommend to convert as .mp4 asap.

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