How to find all inbuilt software in windows7 for the first time?

Hi friends in this post I am sharing how to find inbuilt applications and software in windows 7.Have you checked in your system about private character editor ? When you take a pen drive from the system you should have seen the Eject option ,it’s also one of the application of windows7 .Like these Event viewer,
Faxcover page editor ,Display color calibration,Device properties,Direct X Diagnostic tool are all applications of windows7

Traditional approach to find windows 7 in built application
Our normal method to use applications will be from start button which was pinned in start menu due to frequent use.In other situations we will click start buttons then we choose all programs and finally we get paint application by clicking  Accessories option.
start-button           accessories
But here you cannot find all the inbuilt applications .And another thing if you want to find the other inbuilt applications you should type the exact name of the application,sometimes you have to type the full name, otherwise you cannot find it.Now let we see how to find these applications.Before that lets check yourself have you done this thing .Have you ever checked the paint properties? .If not then check it now.Right click on paint , click properties and finally see the target , it should be like this %windir%\system32\mspaint.exe. Also check the below image
paint-properties    paint-properties-target
In the target have you seen the system32.This is the place where you can get all the inbuilt applications of windows7. Some of the applications will not work for example dialer.
Goto your computer >> c drive >> Windows >> System32

Now the main thing you have to find the perfect application because there are lot application extensions like dll formats.So you have to check the letter application  in the Type
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