How to make notes with google keep and absolutely free

Hi friends in this post I am sharing about google keep which acts like sticky notes (windows)  in the web.Not only Google keep available for web it is also available as chrome app,android app and also as android wearable app. I am writing this post who are completely new for google keep application.Of course google keep has disadvantages as a newbie you will not easily reject this application.If you are a frequent user of google keep drop some useful tips and if any advanced features in google keep at the comment section.

What is google keep?

Google keep is an application used to create and share the notes.You can create a note in google keep as text ,image,voice and also as lists.Google keep is near similar to using sticky notes in windows .

What type of views available in google keep notes?

You can view the  notes in ,

  • List view
  • Grid view


How to make reminder in google keep notes?

  • You can create a reminder in google keep note to get alerts.Create a note and click hand icon shown in below image to create reminder.


  • The reminder now shows the date ,location and time.At present the location works perfectly in android apps only.Ok now choose date from date picker or you can just edit and enter your required date in the field.


  • Next choose the time in the reminder .


  • If it’s an afternoon 3’o clock enter the time 15:00 .The best method is you have to choose the pick a time.Just enter your required time in the field.


  • Finally click remind me button and then choose done.


  • That’s all friends you have created a successful reminder . When the exact time reaches it will show like below in the desktop.And when a reminder is made in a note it will be mentioned at the bottom of the note.


  • You can also copy a note
  • And also you can delete a note.

How to share a note in gmail using  google keep?

  • First write a note and click share icon as shown in below image.


  • Enter the gmail id for whom you want to send the note.


  • Now gmail account will be added at the bottom and finally click done.


  • The recipient will get the message like below.
How to change colors of a note in google keep?
  • Yes you can change colors of a note like red, green,blue and more.Just see the below image and change colors of your note in google keep.
How to create a list notes in google keep?
  • List notes is very useful to mention various products of the same category like pen,pencil,eraser come under the category of stationary items.
  • A sample list item in google keep note.was shown in below image.

How to insert image in google keep note?
  • One of the important feature in google keep is you can add image.Just see the below image.

And you have another feature in inserted image in google keep where you can extract text from image if it clear(i.e)It acts as OCR web app!!!.A sample was given below.


  • You can archive the notes if you don’t want see in google keep.It keeps google note clean .
  • Also you can take the archived notes  in the archive menu where you can found at left sidebar.See the image below.
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