Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer using google cardboard

Hi friends in this post I am sharing about google cardboard where you can see smartphone in virtual reality.If you have some designing skills you can make this google card board.If not possible you can buy the pre-made cardboard at cost.In order to cardboard first you have to download the zip file.The zip files ~2.3mb which contains instructions in pdf and eps format.
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What are the pre-made cardboards available?

  • DODO case- Simple and supports in most all smartphone types.
  • I Am Cardboard- Available with colors.
  • Knox labs-  Aluminium  type

What are the android apps available free for google cardboard?

    Specific apps are given for cardboard.And both free and paid android apps are available.Here we are listing the free android apps.
  • Cardboard
  • Paul McCartney
  • The Hobbit VR Experience
  • Lamper for Google Cardboard
  • Jack White: THIRD-D
  • Tilt Brush Gallery
  • Vanguard V Google Cardboard
  • DebrisDefrag for Cardboard
  • Kaiju Fury: Trailer
  • Sisters
  • ELLE: Jacquie Lee Photo Shoot
  • Chair In A Room
  • R5's Heart Made Up On You (VR)
  • SpaceTerrorVR
  • Lapso
  • Tuscany Dive
  • Orbulus, for Cardboard VR
  • Lanterns for Google Cardboard
  • War of words

Are you a manufacturer ? Then read this

If you are a manufacturer you can also make google cardboards and important thing  it is available as opensource.
Google says,
Cardboard is for everyone, and that includes you too, manufacturers. The Cardboard viewer specification is open source and ready for you to start building.
It’s your wish to use just scissors or some cutters.

Are you an android developer?Then read this

If you are an android developer you can also make some contributions for the virtual reality 3D world.Documentation was given ,study it.Now it’s time to make your contribution from scratch or for existing app.
Google says,
Build apps that display 3D scenes with binocular rendering, track and react to head movements, and interact with apps through magnet input with this SDK.

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