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Hi friends, in this post i am sharing how to give free resources for your visitor after subscription in blogger site.Ofcourse there are lot of sitess available,but most of them are not free.I have searched net  "how to give free resources after subscription”  finally i found “madmimi”. Madmimi have both free and pro plans,here I am sharing how to use with free account and mainly how to use in blogger account.

Needed things with madmimi account

  • Madmimi account.
  • Need to create two different pages in blogger.
  • One page to say thankyou and to tell download link was sent to your mail account.Use images or text according to your wish.Copy link address.
  • Another page to give file for download.Be sure you have given the correct file download link.Use images or anchor text according to your wish for file download link.Copy link address.

Advantages of using madmimi

  • After clicking confirmation link in their mail account only,the visitor can goto the download page  
  • You will see increase in subscribers.
  • List options available so you can able able to sent recent blog posts.
  • Able to create campaign like “lessons” and it can be sent to your visitor as a tutorial series.So increase in visits for your site or blog.
  • Able to add your social profiles like pinterest,facebook,twitter and more.
Note:For free account you can send upto 12,500 mails only.So calculate and use it.At present only one webform will be able to create in free account.

  • First create an account in madmini. Login to your account and on the top right side click webform .


  • Then click add a webform 

  • Webform page opens.On the right sidebar there will be three tabs Details,Theme,Advanced. First click details tab you can create name  for your webform inside madmimi account.  

What we can do with details tab in madmimi webform?

  • In the details tab, we can able to create fields such as name,country, zipcode for your visitor where email will be given as default option and compulsory.And also you have the option to make it as optional (or) required fields.


What we can do with theme tab in madmimi webform?

  • In the theme tab, we can change the logo background color,logo image,main background color and also background image.


What we can do with advanced tab in madmimi webform?

  • This is the most important part of a blogger.In the first field paste the link address of “Thankyou” blogger page.
  • In the second field paste the link address of  “Download File” blogger page. 
  • In the third field it is your wish to add a url or blank.But first two fields in advanced tab are very important.
  • In the button text it is better to give like this ”Free download worth$50”.
  • Check the resubscribe action.Suppose if a visitor want unsubscribe from your blog it will be easier for him.
  • I have not used single optin In this tutorial .I will share in further posts.
  • Choose language english.
That’s all most of the time when you make changes it will be auto saved.But at advanced tab it may ask “save changes” so click it .


How to get the madmimi webform code?

  • On the top of the webform you can see embed .Click embed and now you will have three options to embed.
  • First is style embed which uses HTML  iframe tag.
  • Second is plain embed which uses HTML form and javascript.
  • Third is side tab(which I recommed this it worked very well for me) which gives linkpath(includes javascript).After placing this code in blogger a floating option appears at left side of blogger.Copy the side tab.




How to embed madmimi webform in your blogger ?

  • Goto blogger account .Choose Layout.Click “Add a gadget”.Choose “HTML/Javascript”. Paste the copied sidetab embed code.That’s all see your blog.Mail your friends to subscribe and enjoy!!!.




I hope friends definitely this will be helpful for you.Still you have doubt? kindly click the download link below and  get the tutorial In animated gif .And it is completely free!!!. No need to signups (or) to like (or) to tweet to download this file.  Size will be ~8mb.

Click here to Free Download tutorial in animated gif

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