Insert image in a text using photoshop clipping mask tool

Hi friends in this post I am sharing  how to show images inside a  text using clipping mask tool in photoshop. And I am explaining with the text and logo image of facebook. Yes,the will be facebook but each letter is designed facebook logo image. And I am explaining with photoshopcs3.


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create new layer in photoshop

Open photoshop
Next click file new.Choose the width and height according to your wish.
After choosing height and width ,Choose Layer>>New>>Layer.


use horizontal type tool to write text in photoshop

In the layer write text as FACEBOOK using horizontal type tool (i.e) Text tool.



Next paste the logo image of facebook in another new layer.Keep In mind the image  should be repeated .And if the image equals to the current height and width of design,it will be fine.Or atleast the image should me more than the text size.Or just use the below facebook logo image.


Finally the layers should be like below.


use clipping mask in layer menu of photoshop

Again goto layer and click create clipping mask  .


That’s all friends .Now your text will display the word facebook with facebook logo.


View animated gif tutorial

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