How to Start Animated Gifs tutorial

Hi friends in this post I am sharing how to save time while you are creating animated gif’s.Animated gif’s made me to avoid upload problems upto 30% while I am giving free resources.But some things we need to be cautious because it may waste your time.


What are the advantages of using animated gifs?

Warning: You're Losing Money by Not Using Animated Gif Benefits
  • First you have the low size while creating animated gif and it is easy to give tutorials for your users where it is not possible to give tutorials in videos which the user cannot download a big size.From my personal experience for a 3minute 45 seconds it was ~45 mb definitely the user will not download even if it is some dollar worth.For the same 3minute 45 seconds it was only ~12Mb for good clarity and ~6Mb for medium clarity which a user don’t hesitate to download this file size.Even at some lower speed net you can download within 40 minutes for these 12mb size.
  • Not only animated gif’s are small size,the software to create animated gifs are also very very small size.Also read : best screen recorder free softwares to save as animated gif .
  • Playing videos more  also sometimes affect your computer/laptop efficiency.Where animated Gif definitely reduce  problem in computer/laptop performance.
  • Uploading videos is not always easy task if it is huge size.Then you have to buy some 3gnet plans or have to use browsing centers.Uploading gif is somewhat less tougher than videos.If the timing is less,then size will be minimum and so it is easy to upload even in 2g net plans.

What are the things need to be cautious while creating animated gifs?

  • Gif also affects system performance if it’s size huge (ex:200mb).If your system is already in some heat problems then this large gif size is more than enough to switch off the system.
  • Plan well while create animated gif.Otherwise it also took 8hours to finish a 4 minute video.
  • Keep the frames/seconds (fps) to 1fps.Don’t choose high values (ex:10),because it will create a large size gif. 1fps is more than enough and it creates a good clarity with small size. 
  • Give gif viewer softwares to the user because without pause and play button they may get frustrate.
  • Use pause button wherever necessary for example if the page took too much time to load.
  • When you creating animated gif’s for online apps (like explaining how to create gmail account) use net plans which works fast for you(like 3g net plans) ,otherwise if page take more time to load then it increase the timing which results I large size of animated gif.
Hope friends definitely this post will be helpful when you create animated gifs.
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