how to allocate more space to a partition windows 7 using easeus Partition master

Hi friends ,after a long period I have finally allocated more space to c drive in my system using easeus partition master.Thankyou easeus.EaseUS company established in 2004 which help users data troubles with data backup, data recovery and storage management solutions.And another thing you have to do it in right method otherwise it will confuse us while  allocating more space.It can be used for personal use only.

Why it is necessary to allocate more space for less free sized partition?

  • Whenever anyone of your partition going to fill full,it will indicates in red color.You can use disk cleanup ,defragment and ccleaner but is not enough to make more free space.
  • The most important thing is if your partition (especially os installed partition,mostly c)  having less space means then day by day you can find your system will be heating frequently and finally system will be set to off condition.Even if you just place a usb cable for external keyboard or mouse the system will be set to off due to overheating.Next ,when you run a browser and opening more tabs also cause the system to switch off.  

Will Easeus solve problem of more heating ?

  • It depends on your system.But for me it solved unnecessary switch off to my system.Still heat is exhibiting more but it is recovering itself (i.e)on its own
  • Suppose system heated more at the stage of less space in partition and if it damages to physical parts,then you know easeus will not solve these issues.

7 Least Favorite Important Tips While using easeus

Already there are lot of tutorials,youtube videos and more  on how to allocate more space on partition by easeus partition master.But easeus partition manager is updating their software frequently.Now the important thing is they made some small changes in the steps of allocation of more space to partition.And here I am sharing the recent update.
  • First download the easeus partitionmaster.
  • Install easeus partitionmaster in your system.
  • Open easeus partitionmaster and now I am assuming c drive is full and F drive has more space.And we are allocating more space to C using F drive’s more space.
  • Choose F drive and right click on it .Choose Move/Resize and now drag the scale given in F.Keep in mind you should have a clear how much size you are allocating.Also it will be displayed for drag.Now you allocated upto 10gb means it will be displayed in unallocated space after as 10000MB.
  • Here comes the very important tip .You have to cut the value from unallocated space after  10000MB and paste in unallocated space before .Now “unallocated space before” will be  10000MB.In most times when you cut from unallocated space after the value will be displayed automatically to unallocated space before.The free allocated will be names in a partition named as  “*”.
  • Very very important,this is the most important step and also confusing most of them which sometimes make them to leave easeus.You have to move the “*” partition near to C.For that,first you have to drag E drive(drag right side) to near F.Now “*” partition moved to one position front.Now again drag the D drive(drag right side) to E .That’s all friends , you crossed the confusing step because now “*” partition is near to C drive.
  • Now you goto C drive and drag and you can allocate more space to C drive.When you finished ,click “Apply” button which is on top left side.
  • Here we have given small size .Download exact clarity from below link without any limitations.Also you can right click the image and open in newtab.You can see tutorial in full size.

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