happy new year 2015 and 2014 moments from techinfoweb

Wish you happy new year friends.Welcome 2015.Goodbye 2014.And I wish you all friends to have colorful futures in your life. Ofcourse  techinfoweb not yet unable to get back fully after unavoidable stop of posting at techinfoweb in the early months of 2014 but still it made us some unforgettable moments. And in that most important  tiw help us to prove that online earning is possible and true.






Our Unforgettable moments in the year 2014

  • First online earning made from techinfoweb
  • Proof read to some top sites with our own interest for free.We didn’t work fully but we felt happy one of the site got best blog award in the year 2013 and announced in 2014.
  • Alexa rank reached upto ~6Lakh which was also essential factor for us.At present we are ~11Lakh .Hope we can reach 1lakh.
  • Angular js article was retweeted two times  and viewed more than 160 times within an hour .
  • Our long awaited subscribe to download feature for blogger was done successfully using mailchimp and madmimi.
  • Best way to automatically link to text in windows live writer using scrapper, a different and unique post from our side.
  • Simple way to add adsense inside blogger posts using post template method , a post published from our side.
  • Given free resources of blogger with animated gif tutorial for complete newbies
  • Given free resources of photoshop with animated gif tutorial for complete newbies .
  • We got two guest posts.Thanks friends.
  • We made 2 posts  for softwares as requested from software companies.
  • We understand the value of guest posts.We request if anybody want to post only for profit purpose,first analyze blog fully before contacting us .  First contacting us with  profile for guest post in mail and after that not contacting (due to low google page rank) is wasting both of our times.
  • Failed in finishing give away for 100 rupees cash contest. You should have a strong community otherwise even if you give cash prize there will be no one to attend. A great lesson for us.
  • Logo was created for our blog.
  • Visiting card finished  for our blog techinfoweb to give for our new friends . And we are eager to create and see as hardcopy.
  • Got facebook page with the  url  http://facebook.com/techinfowebpage 


At the same time friends at whatever the situation , Techinfoweb always happy to share useful informations.

2015 (i.e) present target of Techinfoweb : Making useful tutorials on all things in internet,computer and latest technologies.If possible to buy a unlimited hosting plan and using wordpress for our blog.

Future target of Techinfoweb: To become a emagazine blog for technologies.

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