great online shopping festival (gOSF) Get ready for 72 hours of crazy!

Hi friends, in this post I am sharing about online shopping deals. Gosf (great online shoppig festival ) a google initiative started at 2012.And for this year ,this deal for 3 days from december 10-december 12.


What are the deals in Gosf?

14 minutes free
Exclusive launch corner
Rs.299 Corner

Rs.299 corner will be nice offer

We can't get large products in this deal like laptops but  if products worth rs.1800 can come into this category  
it will be benefit to both sides.Moreover the quality plays an important role in this offer.If a smartphone available in this offer means we can't expect more quality from that product.Whenever you buy a product keep in mind  you should not expect more quality.Gosf only have to break this doubts. Any way 300rs is a good deal.

What we can do with Game Gosf?


Start and End Date: November 25th to December 9th
  • Here you have a choose your place or nearby place (ex:chennai).
  • Next you have to choose a product (ex:smartphone).Now you have remember the given products and click "Start game".Given time is 15 seconds.
  • Just click  your given products and for that points will be given.
  • After finishing the game it you can share and also you can play again.
  • Also create account in .Confirm mail and give your informations. I recommend you can stop at this step.Check on dec 10 and if you feel anything useful in that  account then proceed next step,otherwise leave it.

What we can do with 14 minutes free?

Start and End Date: November 25 - December 8

  1. December 4 – bigbazar
  2. December 5 – koovs
  3. December 6 – trendin
  4. December 7 – Lakme
  5. December 8 – Lenovo
Gosf says about this,
"GOSF is partnering with 14 brands to give 14 winners FREE shopping for 14 min worth up to 2.5 lakh rupees. Each day a new brand will offer a new way to win and on December 9th, right before GOSF opens, we'll fly you down to participate in your crazy 14 min of free shopping."

Remainder in Gosf:

  • Goto this link and give your mail and get updates from gosf.

What we can do with Exclusive launch corner?

Start and End Date: December 10 - December 12
  • It's a whole corner sale and some products which are not yet released in india will be released here.

What products will be best in rs.299 corner and our suggestions?

We don't know which products they are going to give.But if they give these products for rs.300 it will be nice.
1.trimmer(if actual price :rs.1000)
2.wireless mouse(if actual price :rs.500)
3.wireless keyboard(if actual price :rs.700) bag(if actual price :rs.1000)
6.modem(if actual price :rs.900)
7.antivirus softwares
8.RAM(if actual price :rs.1000)
9.Headsets(if actual price :rs.1000)
10.wired keyboard and mouse(if actual price :rs.600)
11.Printer cartridges(if actual price :rs.1000)
12.Webcam(if actual price :rs.1000)
13.$25 worth books.
and more...
Buy Online safe and enjoy.

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