Download 15 Super Useful Tips To Improve Blogger in animated gif at Free Of Cost worth $50

Hi friends after some days gap I am writing this post. I am not able to write posts in these two days because of preparing the useful animated gifs.And it is especially for you friends at free of cost.The animated gif looks like some bit higher but the true fact is it reduced the size of video upto 30%.In next post  I am going to explain efficient way to use animated gif’s .I have given the gif viewer (open source software) so you can pause or play according to your needs. Are you a complete newbie to blog and don’t know what to do? then you should download these free resources and learn.

What you will learn from these free resources?

How to run gif viewer?

  • First install the gif viewer and open.It will sometimes shows error.Don't worry.Because it works.
  • See below tutorial .Adjust browser window using restore down because then only you can see play/pause button.    

Use the below resources by downloading and  enjoy blogging!!! 

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