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Hi friend in this post I am sharing wonderful framework.Semantic empowers designers and developers by creating a language for sharing UI.And I am stunned with their components.Semantic UI is definitely an alternative to bootstrap.
semntic ui

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Semantic was divided into five types and each type is divided into many sections.
Definition Types
Semantic has five different ui definitions. These are useful patterns for describing re-usable parts of a website.
UI Element A basic building block of a website, exists alone or in homogenous groups
UI Collection A heterogeneous group of several elements which can usually be found together.
UI View A way to present common website content like comments, activity feeds
UI Module An element where its behavior is an essential part of its definition
UI Behavior A set of free-standing actions not specifically tied to an element
Definition Sections
All UI components of a single type are defined similarly.
All UI Types
Defines mutually exclusive types which each may have their own html
Defines element states like disabled, hovered, pressed down
Defines changes to an element which are not mutually exclusive and can be used together

Elements Group
An element can optionally define how attributes can be shared across a group
Collections Content
A collection can define elements which might be found inside
A collection may define states for content elements or itself
A collection may define variations for content elements or itself

Views Content
A view may define elements which can exist inside of the view
A view may define states for content elements or itself
A view may define variations for a content elements or itself

Modules & Behaviors Behavior
A module will define a set of behaviors which can be used as an API
A settings object which can alter the default behavior when instantiating a module

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