ImBatch - Free batch image processing software for Windows

Hi friends ,in this post I am sharing another free image processing software for windows ,Imbatch . Already I have shared about fotor which is a free photo editing software. And imbatch which can perform   crop, resize, rotate, add/remove tags or convert image format.The free version for personal use only.Size will be ~13mb.






Tasks done by Imbatch

Save As

Saves the currently processed image to the file. If previous
tasks in the Task List don' t change the current image and
File Type parameter is set to <Original File Type>, then
image will be just copied to the new location without



Resizes the current image. The content of the image
stretches to a new size. You can set new size and value
for DPI (number of pixels per inch). The image size can be
set in millimeters, centimeters or inches. Also you can set
Filter parameter to appropriate resampling interpolation
algorithm. Read more about batch image resizing.



Rotates the current image through the specific angle (from
0 to 359 degrees). Also you can apply antialiasing for the
resulting image and set color for background.

Soft Shadow

Adds a soft shadow to the image. If Adapt Size parameter
is set, then image will be resized to contain the shadow.
Also you can set color for the shadow (black by default)
and its intensity.


Flips (mirrors) the current image across the horizontal
and/or vertical axis (flipping is not the same as rotation).

Round Corners

Makes corners of the current image rounded. Round
Width and Round Height parameters specify the round
size of the image. Read the article How to Round Image
Corners in Bulk for more details.


As it is given for information purpose only.These are references taken at imbatch .

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