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Hi friends,we are now accepting guest posts.We planned to give more useful content to the visitors.And for this guest blogging is a best choice.We have given some rules ,kindly check it below and follow the rules correctly.



The topics we like to receive about
Free software and open source software
Latest technology
Latest software or product release information from companies like microsoft ,google ,yahoo and more.


But please wait,the conditions are little bit different.
  • First come first "review" basis.When we receive first 25 guest posts, then we declare "25 posts received" and we will not consider next posts.
  • We review and publish 25 guest posts.Incase if we found any post not meet our requirements we will reject it.
  • We are not expecting 500 words but it should be helpful to the visitors.
  • Definitely links given by you  should be nofollow or we will change it to nofollow.You can include affiliate links (or) sales links with nofollow but not too much(i.e not more than 2).Keep in mind your link should be useful product and if we find it as a spam definitely we will remove the link.
  • Must send the content in ms word to
  • Your photo is must because it also helps us to avoid confusions.
  • We will not provide guest login.Instead we upload your photo each time for your post. You can also give your website link with nofollow option(including facebook,twitter,etc).
  • We will publish posts as soon as we approved.
  • When all these process finished then again the above rules applied for next 25 posts.
    And finally we have right to take any decision .If you satisfy our requirements with useful content,in future  we planned to announce prizes with some cash and certificate
    but you have to wait for some years.
    We are not asking to like our blog but we like to share useful content with your contribution.
    Thank you.
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Hi. I am interested in blogging.And sometimes play with webdesign,web development,domain sale,designing logo and more.

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