Ello threatening facebook and other social sites

Hi friends,we know facebook is a largest social network. Even lot of new social networks coming, they can’t beat facebook. Also facebook is a top threatening  site to google  ,because google what they got  visitors in  10 years, is nearly achieved by facebook within 1.5 years .However google search engine definitely  a ”secret sauce” for them which makes them outstanding comparing to any other sites. In this situation now facebook also have a threat about ello.


Ello is a social network site with the concept of adfree service.Whereas other social networking sites are get user data and provides to advertisers.Based on user profile advertisers they display related products.And advertising is the main source of internet companies.

About Ello 

Ello was founded by Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger in March 2014 .Ello is a free social network yet membership registration was only by invitation.Ello manages its cost with funds provided by large capital investors.

Wiil Ello beat facebook?

Time can only says this .Eventhough fund helps ello,when large number of users signup they definitely need income from other sides.At present 30,000 users(approximately) signs up in one hour and when it is open to all means they need to expand their data centers and need more money.Only one valid reason to beat other social sites will be adfree service but it should be maintained for ever. As already said google has search engine while microsoft has gone to cloud computing and softwares ,facebook has the visitors as their source,so ello definitely a great threat to giant social network site facebook.
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