Best way to use Automatically link to this text in windows live writer

Hi friends, in this post I am sharing how to use automatically link to this text in windows live writer efficiently.There is a simple way to use Automatically link to this text in windows live writer. While this post is very useful, if you have written nearly hundreds of posts but not yet used automatic link to this text.(i.e) who were in blogging many years but unaware of this.For experts it will be useful for maintaining the links for a long period of time.(i.e) as a small database.At the last end I have given tutorial in animated gif.

Why we need automatic link?

  • One of the way to increase traffic because it act as internal links.
  • Definitely it will be useful for the visitor also when you consider on another side.Because if he is a complete newbie, he will definitely click this link and read it.All times he don’t want to search all your posts and this will be easy for him.

Tools required

  • First of all you should have a sitemap for your blog.If you don’t know how to create sitemap read this, Add sitemap to google webmaster for your blog/website.
  • Next you should have installed scrape similar google chrome extension .If not read this, Using scrape similar to scrap the web for free .After installing scrape similar go to sitemap,just right click select similar then choose preset and make a click on link.Now all your bloglinks will be displayed .Copy all that links.After selecting goto ms excel open it and click paste special then choose only text .Remove unwanted columns.
  • If you face a problem of having duplicate links(same links given in next row) you can delete using the macro in developer tab.If you don’t know how to do  this read here,delete alternate rows in ms excel .
  •   Then goto windows live writer .On top left side click large white dropdown arrow mark .Choose options.Next click Automatic linking .In excel copy one by one and paste it in automatic linking.

Your excel will be helpful for future reference and automatic linking helps to save time a little.


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