auto copy mouse selection with drag king

Hi friends in this post I am sharing free auto copy mouse selection with drag king software.And also drag king software is absolutely free.Size of this software is also just ~420kb.
And the main advantage of this software is you can save time and frustration while copying more texts.Already I have discussed in my previous post about how to save time using clipboard magic .


And friends kindly enable drag king, only if you need that work.Because sometimes it fluctuates in normal copy and paste work.Other times just exit drag king.

How to work with drag king?

It’s a very easy method .Just enable the drag king.Another small trick just also open clipboard magic.Now open a Microsoft word document and just copy the things which you want .Now see the clipboard magic.Next do the option of copy all clips to clipboard in clipboard magic.That’s all.
Let we explain with a small animated gif.

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