windows journal–free software to take handwritten notes on your Tablet PC

Hi friends ,in this post I am sharing about one of the free software of windows.Name of the software is “Windows journal”.Windows journal is used to  to take handwritten notes on your Tablet PC by using tablet.No problem if you are using normal PC just use your mouse and after some practice you will write in windows journal easily.Just in windows start menu,type windows journal and you will see this software.

windows journal

Why windows journal better than paint while writing in mouse?

  • When we try to write in  paint ,it looks not very well due to more tiny strikes within a single line.
  • When we try to write in journal,it automatically fills the tiny strikes .

Supported import and export formats

  • Import formats-jnt,jtp,tif,tiff
  • Export formats- mht,html,tif,tiff

Features of windows journal


  • Pen settings available with various thickness  (1mm,2mm and more)options.
  • Highlighter settings available with various thickness (1mm,2mm and more) options.
  • Selection tool is used to select and move the handwritten text.
  • Eraser tool
  • To insert or remove space.
  • Flag icons
  • Able to insert Text box
  • Able to insert Pictures
  • Able to insert more pages

Most important feature is it converts handwriting to text in “actions menu”


windows journal page

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