what is a blog?

Hi friends, in this post I am sharing what is a blog?.I am writing this post who are new to blogs and who are interested to created a blog.



what is blog



From history, weblog was shorted as "blog".Here each title with content published as "posts" not as pages.And mostly these blog posts are displayed in reverse chronological order. It means the recent post displayed as first.I want to say about blog from my life,in india most of small company sites were used static pages (i.e)HTML and CSS only. In these sites, a home page ,about us and contact pages was present.After some period they added another page and named it as "blog" where they will

give company updates and their new works.A blog is part of website in that period.Years passed blog become popular in world at 1999.Every individual interested to create blogs on specific or all topics.When twitter,blogger.com and some other free blog platforms came with facilities like comments which made rapid use of blog.And some times blogs are famous for its widgets and plugins also.Nowadays lot of blogs about bloggertemplates,bloggerdesign and earn online through blog you can able to see it.

Benefits of blogs:

  • A way to develop your creativity
  • One can learn a lot from blog(i learned from basic computer knowledge to supernatural powers.
  • One can create a network(Example: problogger.com)
  • One can earn through blog.(Example: problogger.net,shoutmeloud.com)
  • Also add as co-curricular activities in resume.(Be sure your blog have useful tips)
  • One can show their design and developing skills by changing blogger template default layouts.Definitely you will learn some coding skills.

    How do I create one?

    There are lot of blogs but i recommend blogger.com is more than enough for newbies(those who don’t want to spend money).If you have no problem in spending money I recommend webhosting option with wordpress installation.Because it have more features from design to development and with awesome plugins.
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