run angularjs locally in browser using notepad

Hi friends in this post I am sharing about angular js . Angular js is actually a javascript framework and used to declare dynamic views in web-applications ,especially useful for single page applications.Angular js was initially an idea of an google employee and after some years google made a development team and released officially.Now I am explaining how to learn offline using notepad which also reduce net cost.



  • First goto click the download button.




  • Now a popup window appears and asks to download the file.I recommend to choose legacy and click zip format and finally download.I tried minified but it was not worked for me.So i recommend to download zip format.Size will be ~8.2MB.






  • I have downloaded angular-1.2.26 .First extract it and get the angular-1.2.26.








  • Now create another folder and name it as “img”.Move the angular folder-1.2.26 to img folder.






    • Now rename angular-1.2.26  to angular folder.






  • Create a img.html file using notepad ,copy and paste the below code in img.html file.Be sure this html file should be in img folder.Mention the file path correct .File path should mention for the angular.min.js . Highlighted yellow color is very vey important.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html ng-app>
    <title>A simple introduction to AngularJS - Part 2</title>
    <script src="angular/angular.min.js"></script>
  <h3>AngularJS using notepad</h3>
  <input type="text" data-ng-model="techinfoweb" />


Now run img.html in browser and you will get the output like below.





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