photo editing software free download fotor for windows

Hi friends in this post I am sharing about free photo editing software for windows.Actually fotor is a free online photo editor but it also provides software so you can download and work offline.And we should definitely use this software  because of time save.If you are a newbie in photoshop ,it is a time consuming for design and
adding effects to make a professional look.Size of this software ~58MB.


What are the facilities available in photoshop?
  • Scenes
  • Crop
  • Adjust
  • Effects
  • Borders
  • Tilt-shift
  • Text
  • New
  • Export
what is Inside the scenes?
  • There are lot of features inside scene. And they are backlit,darken,cloudy shade,sunset,night,flash,fluorescent,Portrait,sand/snow,landscape,theatre,food.
What is inside the crop?
  • Inside the crop there are features of rotate options.And the main option is it have different  forms like square,golden, iphone ,DVD ,Postcard and more.
What is inside the adjust?
  • Red eye tool with brush options.Tone with exposure , brightness ,contrast and saturation.Detail with brush option.White balance with temperature and tint.Vignette with intensity option so you can make some shadow effects.Curve effects.
What is inside the effects?
  • Now this is the beautiful option where you can create a lot of professional effects.Some of them are classic,lomo , B&W,Vignette ,art and texture.
What is inside the borders?
  • Simple,film edge, gallery , stamp which provide various effects.
What is inside the tilt-shift?
  •    It gives clear view to particular part of an image and makes blur other parts of an image.                               
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