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Hi friends, in this post I am sharing about another free software by microsoft . Even though it’s a trial version, a good software to try.Because it is also one of the alternative to adobe illustrator ,(i.e) you can make vector shapes. When you draw with Paint brush, it design with vector paths.The size of the software is nearly 50mb.



microsoft expression design


As already mentioned it is trial , so it will not compensate to adobe illustrator but it is ok for small tasks.

Some of the features include


According to microsoft, expression design was,

The convenience and ease of editing vector graphics in Expression Design can be a cornerstone of your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft Silverlight, and web images. Whether you're a veteran professional illustrator, a designer building a dazzling website, or a budding artist experimenting with various styles and techniques, you will find Expression Design an indispensable tool for your creative tasks.

  • Live Effects
  • Fills and Strokes
  • Rectangle tool
  • Rectangle tool
  • Ellipse tool
  • Polygon tool
  • Line tool
  • B-Spline tool
  • Polyline tool
  • Pen tool
  • Paintbrush tool

A sample work space of expression design.You will be surprised to see it’s a illustrator.

    exoression design workspace
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