Upload limitations in Flickr

Flickr is a place where you can upload photos and videos.Flickr provides more space upto 1 terabyte.So it’s a nice place to store the photos and videos.However there are certain limitations while uploading photos and videos.




flickr upload limitations




The limitations are,

  • Each photo can be up to 200 MB .
  • Each video can be up to 1 GB in size.

Supported file types are,

  • JPEG, GIF (non-animated), and PNG
  • Supports most formats or other formats will be converted to JPEG

When applicable, the following sizes are also saved when you upload photos:

Square 75 x 75 pixels
Square 150 x 150 pixels
Thumbnail 100  pixels
Small 240 pixels
Small 320 pixels
Medium 500 pixels
Medium 640 pixels
Medium 800 pixels*
Large 1024 pixels
Large 1600 pixels*
Large 2048 pixels*
Original size

* Sizes only available for images uploaded after March 1, 2012. Print Friendly and PDF


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