How to backup your facebook data?

Hi friends , in this post I am sharing how to get copy of personal information which you have shared on facebook .And you have to re-enter your password for security reasons and to confirm that this is your account.You will get your facebook data will be downloaded in the form of zip.You will get index page where you can see your past activities of facebook.Also a folder with photos.

Let we see how to get facebook data,



download facebook data

  • Login to facebook account.Click dropdown menu and click settings

facebook settings

  • In the settings page ,on left side vertical menu click general .General settings page appears and at the end click the link “Download a copy

facebook general account settings

  • Then download archive page appears ,Click the download archive button.A popup window appears and it asks to re-enter your password for security reasons.And click submit.

reenter facebook password



  • If the download process is the first time,facebook send download link to your email account.Goto your inbox click the download link and archive starts to download as zip in your system .In the zip you will get an index file,html folder,photos folder.

facebook zip content

Kindly check below link for more details,

    You may not find all of your data since you joined Facebook. You will not find information or content that you have deleted because this is deleted from Facebook servers.
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