How to Save Sculptris 3D Art Work in PNG format ?

Hi friends,Sculptris is an amazing 3D image creation software for free!!!.And size of this software is ~20MB only!!!.Sculptris was provided by Pixologic  Pixologic  provides software tools for the film and video, games, graphic design and illustration . Pixologic was founded in the year 2007 located in California with offices in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.Zbrush tool was one of their popular products which is used to create wonderful  2D and 3D digital images.



Save your sculptris work in png format

  • If you are a newbie in sculptris ,you may have a little bit confusion how to save in png.Let we see how to do and actually it’s a easy method
  • For example, I have created a ball like below image.

sculptris ball 

  • Just on the top ,you can see options,click that.


    sculptris options



  • A pop up window appears,in that click save image.

sculptris save image png

  • Then choose a location to save in png format.After that it will render like below,


When render finishes, finally click ok.Now go to  location where you have saved the png image For me I get like below,


sculptris png image


That’s all friends…Now it’s time for you to create images ,save in png and use in websites.

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