record voice within windows operating system

Hi friend in this post I am sharing how to record voice by using  within microsoft .There are lot of options within microsoft (i.e) there are lot of softwares like screen capture,screeencast video software and more.
Now what  is the name of microsoft voice recorder?Sound recorder which is used to record the voice and saves in .wma(windows media audio file) format.

Things you need inorder to work successfully with sound recorder

  • There is need to  install speaker and sound card in your computer.
  • A mic(microphone) is needed.
Use third party softwares if you want to save in other formats.
Procedures to record sound using sound recorder
  • Click start button , then in the search box type sound recorder.Now sound recorder opens.
Sound recorder
  • Click start recording and talk with your microphone.Then click stop recording .Now a popup window appears and asks to save.Type a name and save it in your desired location.
  • Sometimes you want to continue audio which was stopped .You can again resume by cancelling save audio.
Talk with a good mic because even when you talk with high sound voice,it saves in low sound voice.
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