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Hi friends in this post I am sharing about reddit a powerful online community website.In Reddit users can submit information in the form of text or link.


Reddit Website

When was reddit created and who were the founders?

Reddit was founded in the year 2005 and founded by Steve Huffman ,Alexis Ohanian.

Which language reddit was written and what framework used in reddit?

At present reddit was written in Python and Pylons framework is used.

Features of reddit:

  • Anyone can submit a link but should  create an account at reddit.
  • You can create multiple accounts but should not spam.

And if you are serious blogger you should submit link to reddit but should not spam.Reddit acts as social networking ,social bookmarking and entertainment website.So definitely you will find traffic increase  to your blog.

Limitations of reddit:

  • If you submit only your blog links ,chance to consider spam.You can avoid these by submitting other useful website link.And also by commenting other links in reddit
  • There is vote up and vote down option which makes to decrease in traffic if there is more voteup down and makes bad reputation.

If you feel more doubts while using reddit,then you read reddit FAQS

Now its your time to create an account at reddit .

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