Popular framework Groundwork CSS

Hi friends in this tutorial i am sharing one of the wonderful framework for you.
Name of the frame work is GroundworkCSS 2.
GroundworkCSS 2 is one of the  responsive HTML5, CSS & Javascript framework created and maintained by Gary Hepting.
Another thing  GroundworkCSS is 100% free and open source.
I want to say another happy news that you can use it on blogger when the direct links placed here.
And i will share the tutorial in next posts.
You can see some of their samples
1.Web Site Layout
2.Image Gallery
You can find animation concepts definitely attracts you to use ground work CSS.

Some sample images are,

Website link:

Features of Groundwork CSS:
.Responsive text,tables and blocks
.Customizable so you can add it your own styles
.Built with Sass
.Another GroundWork cSS framework available for rails project
.A highly configurable, nestable, fractions-based, responsive & adaptive, fluid grid layout system

More than hundreds of vector icons available so you can make stunning look.

UI elements with a pack of wonderful Navigation
Message Boxes
Form Elements available.

If you want some basic instructions on how to use groundwork css,the below link will be useful.

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