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Hi friends , in this post i am sharing free domain appraisal websites. In general appraisal is an estimation and valuation.The given websites will not be a   100% perfect valuation and estimation.But these websites are also one of the way to choose a good domain name.

domain appraisal


Another thing you can make own decision  yourself whether we can  sell a domain for high value or not.And don't get discouraged when you see a low value of your domain.Because a domain become more valuable only when the buyer buys the domain for more value.Still you can see some top sold domains have estimated low in the given appraisal websites. Then why you should see these websites? Because domains are also  bought by analysing rich keywords.So definitely these apprasal websites help to choose a good domain name.

Note: I request you to  use only free appraisals.Please don’t waste money on appraisal



Instica a free domain appraisal website which comes with new design and with new services.They  are

InstimateTM – Instant Free Domain Appraisal
InsightTM – Crowd Domain Appraisal
InstibaseTM – Domain Analytics & Research Database
InsticaDCTM – Digital Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin/Litecoin Price Tracker
InstinewsTM – Domain Industry News/Blog.



Domain mongrel another free domain appraisal website which gives value by considering traffic and alexa rank mainly.I said this from my experience.





In Estibot ,for free domain appraisal you can use only one time per day.But it’s a worthy one.EstiBot uses a vast amount of data, including but not limited to previous sales data, keyword data, CPC data, type-in data along with a statistically generated algorithm to arrive at the most accurate domain value.


Valuate a free domain appraisal site where you can query 7 times a day.It is powered by estibot.

Domain Index

domain index

Another wonderful domain appraisal site.Domainindex.com is a public service free of charge provided by Domainindex SARL corporation to the domain and the financial industry. Domainindex.com is calculating price indices for domains to track the development of price levels in the domain space.




Godaddy is one of the world’s largest domain name registrar with millions of customers.They also providing domain appraisal.



godaddy appraisal

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