why 404 custom error page need in blogger?

Hi friends,in this post I am sharing why we need to create a custom 404 page in blogger .Creating a 404 page also solves URL errors while searchengine crawling your blog/website.

page not found

What is URL  errors and where you can find it?

  • In your google webmaster account ,Goto>>Crawl>>CrawlErrors.In this page you can able to find how many urls are found as errors while crawling your site by search engine.

Let we explain what is url error with example.Url error occur due to two reasons,

  • Due to  non-availability of page or post which is called as broken link by search engines.You have created a post and crawled by search engine.After some days you have deleted.Now when users goto the link it will not be found and search engine took it as url error.
  • When a visitor wrongly enters your post link or page link.

URL error from my own experience

  • · While I installing windows live writer,it asks to allow me to take a temporary post for theme detection.After successfully finished windows live writer I removed that temporary post from my blog.
  • · After some months I found URL errors in my webmastertools account.

url errors

How 404 page helps?

  • · It helps to inform that this webaddress not found.And it suggest to search home page,sitemap page or search options.

Useful links for 404 page

After creating 404 page goto crawl section of webmaster account and choose mark as fixed by clicking the link.

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