what is hosting domain and website

Hi friends in this post I am sharing basic things about hosting ,domain and website.I am using internet from 2011.I  learned many basic things in net and want to share from my own experience.Ok, first we see with hosting

What is hosting?

Consider if you want to construct a house first of all you need a land.Like that  hosting is used to show  the website live which is  an  online storage space    So  buy online space for your website from a webhosting company


What is website?

Now assuming that you have bought  a land and the next step is constructing house.In a house you will construct a hall room,study room,pray room,kitchen room ,bathroom and more.In short a house is a collection of rooms. Like that website have about us page  ,categories page,contact us page  and more.In short website is a collection of webpages.


Why we need web designing?

In general it is not a easy task to construct a house.We should hire others who have deep knowledge and also if you feel not well experienced in constructing a house .Not only it should be well-structured and  also it should looks attractive and beautiful.Like that web designing is done by hiring an individual or company   who have deep knowledge and also if you feel not well experienced in webdesigning.Now you can make your website more attractive and beautiful from web designers.

What is domain?

In general we assume now you have finished in constructing a house and now you want  to call friends to show your house.For that  if you are naming  the house means then it will be easy for the friends to find the house .Like that domain is used to name the website and makes easy to find the website.


That’s all about basics of hosting,website and domains.

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Hi. I am interested in blogging.And sometimes play with webdesign,web development,domain sale,designing logo and more.

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