Install wordpress on wamp

First download wordpress file from .I have chose tar format

In order to work offline in wordpress ,you should first install xamp or wamp in your system.Here I am explaining through wamp.

Now you have to extract wordpress tar file and place the wordpress  folder in wamp’s www directory.The path of directory will be different according to our saved location but final directory must be wamp.

www directory

  • Now in “www folder “place wordpress folder

place wordpress folder 

  • Have a check with your wamp for apache and other services are started and open wamp server .Then open your browser and type localhost.Wamp server opens.Now you can see wordpress folder available under “Your projects”.

wordpress folder

  • Next, you will get like below.

create configuaration file

  • Next step,

database information

  • Next you will get like below image.Keep that and don’t make any changes.

database connection


  • In new tab type localhost and choose phpmyadmin. like below


  • Next create a new database and  name your database according to your desired wish.Here I named database  “wpwamp”.

name database


  • Now your database created.Now “my database name is wpwamp”

database created


  • Name of your database
  • You username is “root”.It is  a must.By default it was named  as root in msql.
  • You should not type anything on password.Leave it as empty below.
  • Give a sample email address.

fill database connection

  • Finally click submit.After that you will get like below.When you get like below you have done the above things correctly.

run install

  • Click Run the install button.Next fill site title,username,password,email and finally click install wordpress.
  • Username ,Password is your login page of wp-admin where you can get into wordpress dashboard.

install wordpress

  • Login page path is like below


wordpress login page

  • Now with correct username and password,You can get into wordpress dashboard.

wordpress dahboard

How to see your website?

  • In browser type localhost/wordpress
  • Now with anyone default twenty theme your website is alive!!!.

wordpress website offline

Now its time to play with codes offline.Another main advantage you have also saved internet!!!!.

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