fill and opacity difference in photoshop

Hi friends in this post I am sharing the use of fill and opacity effect in photoshop.Also you will learn the difference between fill and opacity effect in photoshop .

Where you can find fill and opacity in photoshop?

opacity fill layer
  • You can find Opacity and Fill effect  in layer of photoshop.


  • Opacity is used to modify the transparency of a layer.
  • Lowering the value upto 0%  opacity makes the layer  invisible.
  • Lowering the opacity range a little to a layer make some glassy effect,
NOTE: For example, when use opacity in different layers with 0% all layers  will disappear It means opacity change in one layer will have a effect  on another layer too.It will be explained fully in further lines.
opacity range


  • Fill is also used to modify the transparency of a layer like as opacity.
  • The difference of using fill  is  when you change the range in a layer it wiil have effect in that layer only and will not have effect in other layer.

Example to show difference between fill and opacity

opacity seventy five percentage
  • In the above diagram ,above blogger image layer  we created  a layer and drawn a rectangle shape with black colour and opacity is changed to 75%.
  • Again above rectangle layer,we added a text layer and written text as blogger and also changed opacity to 75% for text layer.
  • Next in text layer right click and choose blending options .Finally select and tick “bevel and emboss” effect.
  • You will get the image like above.
  • Then when you change opacity to 0% the text “blogger”will disappear fully from image
opacity zero

For fill option

  • Now change opacity to 100% in the text layer
  • Change fill range to 75% and  you get the result image will be like opacity 75%..
  • Now change fill range to 0% and  you will get like below image.
fill zero percentage
Hope now you understand the difference between fill and opacity in photoshop.
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