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Hi friends, in this post I am sharing how to create free website with google.Are you new to coding? But want to create a website.Then google sites is the one of the best place for you.You don’t need to learn HTML and all these for free!!!.Just create a google account and create a simple website.

Google site features  for free account

  • Your site name will  be to map your own domain
  • Free templates available and you can customize template by just using the mouse.
  • 100MB storage space  for free account.
  • Able to upload 10MB file at the same time.
  • Able to embed documents,spread sheets and more.
  1. Google Site Page
  2. Google Site Support Page
  3. Google Sites Files and Storage Limit

Also google sites have more limitations on free account ,but it is worth if you want to make a website within 100MB.

google sites sample template

You can able to make static pages but cannot use more dynamic options like php.For author page,resume page it will be a fine place for you.

Try to create less pages because more pages make site to slow down eventhough the bandwidth is huge here.

That’s all friends now its time for you to create a site .


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