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Hi friends , buying domains will make more attention to  your online presence.Not only for that but also make easy for humans to reach websites through names.Why I am saying this?because actually your domain will be an IP address like 11.431.24321 which is hard to remember.So when you have domains like .its easy to remember.To buy like many hosting companies providing this domain names.Here I am sharing BIGROCK


Bigrock provides domain registration,webhosting solutions and more.Bigrock is a part of directi.


  • My first domain registration starts with bigrock.They are having more options when you register with them.
  • First of all  free privacy protection available.
  • Next you can create unlimited records for your domains
  • Some other companies ask more money if you create more records.
  • Able to create two email accounts upto 100MB each.Mail forwarding options available.
  • Domain forwarding easy to make connect with website
  • Renewal fees will be 700 rupees looks like more but if you consider above options in other domain hosting companies it will be 1000 plus rupees.
  • Live chat available sometimes you will see offline somewhat ok but phone support needs improvement in   bigrock from my experience.
If they make more discounts for existing customer to register new domainsit will be fine.And i also bought this blog domain in other hosting company due to more fees in first year.
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About me

Hi. I am interested in blogging.And sometimes play with webdesign,web development,domain sale,designing logo and more.

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  1. A Domain name is a string of words that identifies a website.We should be very careful with the naming conventions

    * The domain name is very important for any business and it should be easy to remember without much punctuations.

    * It should be unique and related to business.

    * It should be short and catchy.

    * If it is of universal accepted TLD's like .com,.biz,.info

    In choosing the registrar also one should be very careful.The registrar should be reliable and provide services at affordable cost.I chose since the cost is low when I get the domain registration and hosting as a package from them.