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Hi friends,in this post I am sharing how to publish blogger posts automatically to social sites like facebook ,twitter and delicious.For free account you have the following features,

  • Able to use 5 feeds
  • Able to use 3 social profiles
  • Able to use 1 Q
  • Feed is updated every 30 minutes.

Create an account to

  • First create an account in
  • Main thing in dlvr is source and destination .In source you can add your website/blog feed (i.e) website which you want to make  auto publish recent posts to social profiles.
  • In destination add social profiles and  receives posts from website  automatically.

add sources

  • Just add your feed ot twitter .I recommend to use  feed account.


  • Click add feed

add feed

  • Add url feed details

feed url link

  • Choose your facebook page, twitter username or others but don’t forget you can only use three  social profile for free account

add destination


  • Just connect and facebook popup login page appear.Signin with your facebook account and choose your profile or your required facebook page and click save.


Similarly choose twitter and delicious and save time.

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