15 useful tips for new blogger

If you are new to blogging you have to do some of the basic things need to do to make your blog or website  better .First you should have account in blogger.com .Then


  1. Popular websites inspires you in blogging 

  2. Blogger templates 

  3. Add custom domain to blogger

  4. Publish blog posts in blogger

  5. Setup windows live writer for blogger

  6. Add feedburner to blogger

  7. Verify domain google webmaster

  8. Add sitemap for blogger to google webmaster

  9. Add sitemap for blogger to bing webmaster

  10. Data highlighter in google webmaster

  11. Install addthis widget to blogger

  12.  Create google plus page

  13. Create facebook page

  14. Create alexa toolbar for blogger

  15. Css sprites for blogger

These are some of my tips from my personal experience.If I have missed any important things in blogger please use comment and support new bloggers.

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