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Hi friends,there are large number of websites using wordpress.And there are more things we can do in wordpress without coding knowledge.It is possible through wordpress plugins.In this post I am sharing about the “display widgets“ plugin how to show specific widgets in different posts,pages and categories.

display widgets

  • Goto wordpress dashboard ,choose plugins then click add new and in search bar  type display widgets.
  • A list of plugins appears in that see display widgets and click install now finally click activate plugin.
  • Now goto,Appearance >> widgets .
  • On widget , right most side,active sidebar with widgets available.
  • Choose one widget and now you can see like below image.
display widget
  • Now you can see two options within your widget “Hide on checked” and “Show on checked”
  • Hide on checked helps to hide that particular widget in the page, post or category sidebar.
  • Show on checked helps to show that particular widget in page, post or category sidebar.
  • Another  main advantage of plugin is you can also make to show or hide particular widget in categories.
For example you have a travel website and have airplane page and bus page.And you have one widget for airplane  website lists and another widget for bus website lists.Now using display widgets  you can able to show widget only airplane  website lists in airplane page and you can able to show widget only bus website lists in bus page.This will make visitors to look and easily grab the widgets.If all widgets show in all pages ,home page,categories,posts makes boring and hard to find which makes less attention.
Some sample images given below.
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