html tutorial iframe tag

Hi friends in this post I am sharing iframe tag.Iframe tag is used to display a webpage.Sometimes we can also use to display images or some files if we need. And we can set height and width to the iframe tag.

html iframe


  • First of all goto an online html editor.Copy and paste the below code.
<iframe src="" width="500" height="500"></iframe>

And you will get the image like below.Replace with your link

set iframe height width

Use link to Target iframe

This is used  to display a link in an iframe .Copy and paste the below code in html editor

<iframe src="" name="iflink"></iframe>
<p><a href="" target="iflink">Techinfoweb</a></p>

target iframe

  • When you click the link you will get like below.

link iframe display

  • In some  browsers iframes are not supported. So check it
  • To remove the borders you use frameborder=”0”.And sometimes this also not supports in browser
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