create simple animation using photoshop

Hi friends in this post we are sharing how to create a  simple animation using adobephotoshop.Be sure you have atleast adobe photoshopCS3.This will helps to make simple animation and also useful to make beautiful animation  logos or for brand names.animationLet we see step by step.First open photoshop and click new.




  • Choose a size according to your wish

image size



  • Then click window and tick animation.



  • Now you get like below animation tools

animation tool


  • For example choose  a image and place in a new separate folder.Now again use another same image  and goto edit >>transform path>>rotate 90 degree clockwise and place in that particular folder.Also make a copy of this image.Once again now use the copied image and do again same  90 degree clockwise,save it in particular  folder and make a copy of this image.Now do the same thing above for another 90 degree clock wise .
  • Now you can see four images in that particular folder.


image rotate





  • Now click File >>Scripts>>Load files into stack >>Browse and choose that particular folder then choose the four images at once,finally click ok.


stack load files



  • You can see four images is added in four layers.Now go to your animation tool and click left mouse  button  like below image which is small four straight lines.Then click make frames from layers.

make frame

  • Now four images added in animation frames.You can choose each frame  with your own time like below.And at below you can see run button below .Click that now your image rotates.Also see our first image in this post created in photoshop.



  • Next step you have to save it as gif.Goto File>>Save for web and devices.

save web


  • And you choose original and click save.


  • Now below like below image a popup appears.Just save it(be sure you are saving gif type).


  • That’s all you have sucessfully created animation photoshop.Now start to create beautiful animations with your creativity!!!
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