create first php in wamp server

  • Hi friends in this post, I am sharing how to create php in wamp server .Be sure You have installed wamp server correctly.Wamp server will helps us to learn php offline and saves internet usage.


  • Open notepad,copy and paste the following codes,

    <title>PHP sript</title>
    <?php echo '<h1>Hello World</h1>'; ?>



  • And click save as like below.

save php format

  • Now goto wamp folder>>www.
  • Place hello.php file in the www below image.

www directory

  • Open wamp server like below,

open wamp server


  • Now see your taskbar with wampserver icon in green color

wamp server online

  • Leftclick wampserver icon and choose local host.


  • Now wamp sever opens in default browser like below.


  • If it opens like above then we confirm wampserver is on.
  • Then in browser type.http://localhost/hello.php.You will get like below.

hello world

That’s all you have successfully created your first php.

  • If you want to display your current date ,month and year of your system.Then in above code just below <?php echo '<h1>Hello World</h1>'; ?> add <?php echo date("d.m.y"); ?>
  • Again run http://localhost/hello.php and you will get like below,

display system calender

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