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Hi friends in this post I am sharing some open source softwares which will be an  alternative to high paid softwares and free!!!.Let we see ,

opensource softwares


Inkscape is an open source vector graphics software a free alternative to Adobe illustrator,Corel draw.It does not compete with adobe or xara but it do all  basic things like paid softwares.It stores image in SVG format(XML-based) developed by W3C.But you can also save in other formats like png,pdf and more.



Blender is an free open source 3D animation software an alternative to Maya and other animation softwares.And another thing file size while downloading will be within 60mb only.Also you can do  modeling, uv mapping, texturing, rigging, skinning, animation, particle and other simulation, scripting, rendering, compositing, post-production, and game creation.


Free plane

Free plane is an free open source for mind mapping software.And you save the format in .mm only.Like drop down menu you can done here by clicking the end of node.See below image.You can download from

free plane

Art of illusion

Art of illusion is an open source 3D modelling and rendering software.

art of illusion

Art of illusion also  tools modelling, skeleton based animation, procedural textures and materials..



Kompozer is an open source web development WYSIWYG editor an alternative to adobe dreamweaver and those who don’t know codes can use this to create webpages or sites.


There are more and more open source software available.We will update more open source softwares in further posts.

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