3 popular sites to share content online

Hi friends, in this post I am sharing another three popular sites to share content online .There are more and more online community writing websites at the same time the below sites are well growing online community.



Infobarrel is one of the top online writing community websites .Infobarrel founded by Ryan McKenzie and Kevin Hinton and started in the year 2008.Another thing is you can publish article which was published already in another site.Also you can use google adsense account a chance to earn online.You can also have a chance to earn for referrals.


Triond is a content publishing service.And able to make portfolio and receive feedback.Triond was founded by Shahar Solomianik,Udi Oz,Oren Solomianik.Also you can earn through triond by contextual advertising on your published page.You can get 50% revenue share


Xomba another free online community for people to share online.Xomba launched by nick.There should be requirements in word.

  • Blog: 300+ words
  • Bookmark: 100+ words
  • List: 50+ word intro, additional text required for each list item
  • Recipe: 50+ word intro, additional text required for ingredients, directions
  • Review: 300+ words

Another thing in xomba you cannot publish poetry or fiction.Xomba is also use google adsense and get 60% revenue share.

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