how to create and delete facebook page

Hi friends,creating a facebook page will help to know about your website or brand and also increase traffic if you use facebook page for website purpose.


Create a facebook page:

  • Login to your facebook account.
  • At the footer page,click create page.
  • Now it ask to select a category according to your needs like below image.
  • Select your item in the drop down menu,and give the title .Don’t forget to give first letter in caps.
  • Now in the next page fill the details and fill facebook username like .There is four steps to fill your details like below image or you can just skip.and finish.
  • Finally your facebook page created!!!.See a sample image below:

Delete a Facebook page:

Deleting a facebook page is easier one.
  • Login to your facebook account and go to the page which you want to delete.
  • In the above image you can see the admin panel and on the right side there is edit page.
  • Click that and choose edit settings like below.
  • In the settings page at the end there is option to remove page.page7

  • Click that finally your page is deleted.
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