how to ADD custom domain to tumblr

Tumblr is a miroblogging platform like blogger also a social networking site .Google owned blogger.And here Yahoo owned Tumblr.In tumblr,you can post,upload image and more.However some limitation on audios .Goto help page 


  • In this post,we will see how to add a custom domain in tumblr.


  • Goto and sign in .And click settings.




add custom domain

  • After entering goto to your domain registar and edit dns settings of your domain.



Two Levels
Point A-record (IP address) to
Three or More Levels
(e.g. or

Point CNAME record to ""

You have to choose any one of the above option.After that return to tumblr, Then click test your domain.Mostly it will wok within 5 – 10 minutes.Anyway as in general wait for 72 hours if it not works.
  • That’s all !!! . Now when visitor clicks your tumblr blog( redirects to (or) according to your dns settings.
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