Fix bugs and earn through Bug BOunty programs

Hi friends, Are you a security researcher,hacker ???and want to help companies by founding bugs and removing vulnerabilities.Then you should try bug bounty programs.And also able to earn some cashes!!! if it is worth.

Google,Microsoft,Facebook and more companies are conducting this.Also keep in mind about their rules .For that  you should not work on real users.You can make a  test account and proceed.
Google continuing from 2010 as Vulnerability Reward Program and the reward ranges from $100 to $20,000. If you found a valid vulnerability then you can contact though this mail
Microsoft Security Bounty Programs have a maximum reward upto $100.000!!! for their new products.You can contact them if you found a valid vulnerability  to this mail
Facebook started this program as whitehat from 2011  onwards..For non-security researcher you have to go through this page.Their minimum reward is $500.And don’t forget to see their policies.
  • A student in Tamilnadu,India received rewards two times $1500 and Rs.8,25,000!!!.
  • Mozilla will reward a cash of $300 and a Mozilla T-shirt.for valid critical client security bugs.And  for valid web applications ,services it ranges from $500 (US) -$3000 [(US) for extraordinary critical vulnerabilities] with T-shirt. 
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