Create data highlighter in google webmaster

Hi friends,now you can show your webpage in google search attractively .It helps  visitors get an idea about the page.

data highlighter


Google data highlighter link


data highlighter

  • Click start highlight and on top right side click again start highlight if it’s for first time


  • A pop up window open,enter your anyone webpage or post,select anyone dropdown categories like articles ,software applications and choose any one tag and click ok.


  • You are going to finish step like below,



  • Your first step is, see below image ,in website preview you can select any text & image .When you select  text ,a popup  window opens and ask to use  it as title or author? .So you can easily choose correct text.


  • A sample image when selected a text as title,If you want to select another text choose close button to remove.

first step

  • Next step is to create page set which open as popup where you can select similar pages and give a name and save.

page set

  • Next step  add tags to your selected pages in page set one by one like first step image.If you want remove a particular page in page set on top right side you have the option to remove like below image.

remove page


  • After finishing all pages it asks a preview and publish.If you satisfied click publish.And now it is saved in webmaster data highlighter dashboard.


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