Add sitemap to google webmaster for your blog/website

Google webmaster helps to check the visibility of sites ,indexing and more for free!!!.If a page of your blog is blocked or not currently provided links you can find through this webmaster.

What is sitemap?

Sitemap is the page which have a blog/website’s all page link like all categories.Here adding the sitemap will help google search engine to  index all pages of your website.
Ok,now we see how to add a sitemap in google webmaster.
How to create sitemap?
  • I recommend this easy step to create site map.Goto >> Ctrlq which is provided by amitagarwal famous blogger.
  • Enter your URL and sitemap will be  created.Copy that and follow the below steps:
  • First goto >>
  • Check whether your blog is verified or not in google webmasters.
  • If you are blogger,It will be verified automatically.
  • if you are using custom domain name add TXT or CName settings in your domain settings as per instructions and verify.
After verifying ,go to that particular blog/website dashboard.


  • For example :your sitemap url is .Copy and paste which is after your custom domain.Here sitemap only you have to add which is underlined
  • Now paste the copied url.Just paste and submit sitemap.sitemapurl
It shows pending .Wait for some hours or within 2 days it will accepted.

Alternate method:

  • Just add  feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated in the box of add sitemap.Thats all.
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