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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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How to download facebook videos?

Hi friends, in this post I am sharing how to download facebook videos for free. There are many facebook video downloading services and here we mentioning Ofcourse a free online facebook download service.



  • First click the video you want to download.

click facebook video


  • Copy the url link,

copy facebook video link


  • Goto .Paste the copied url in the field box.

click fbdown download button

  • Click the any one download link as shown in below image.

fb low quality or hd link

  • A black background page appears with video,right click and save it.

save as

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Monday, 21 April 2014

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Vizify acquired by yahoo

Vizify is used transform the social media information into infographics and visualizations.Recently it was acquired by yahoo.The deal was not made public but definitely it will be a huge amount.So vizify no longer be allowing new signups or purchases of paid plans.



yahoo acquired vizify


Vizify says,


We started Vizify in 2011 with the vision of transforming the information that we all consume and create every day into something more beautiful and personal. We were awed and grateful to see this vision taken up by so many of you as you built and shared our graphical bios, infographic cards, and videos.Since last summer, we’ve been engaged in a conversation with some of the incredible folks at Yahoo about the ways this more visual approach to data can inspire and entertain. As our conversations progressed, we realized we’d found a partner who shared our passion for user experience, design, and visualizing information. Ultimately, we just couldn’t say no to the opportunity to bring our vision to the hundreds of millions of people who use Yahoo every day.

As part of the transition to Yahoo, we will be sunsetting the Vizify service (read below for more detail). As for what’s next, we can’t talk specifics just yet, but we’re excited to bring a more visual approach to data at Yahoo. We have a lot more up our sleeves and can’t wait to get started.

What does this mean for me?As part of our transition to Yahoo, we’ll no longer be allowing new signups or purchases of paid plans.For existing Vizify bioholders and accounts, we’ll be sunsetting the Vizify service. To make the transition process easier on you, we’re taking a few extra steps:

For those of you with a current paid plan, we'll be issuing a full refund for everything you've paid Vizify. For Premium customers who registered a domain through Vizify (like, we’ll be providing instructions so you can assume ownership of your domain, free of charge.
For all bioholders, free and paid, we’ll be providing a way for you to opt-in to “archive” a snapshot of your current bio that will remain live at the same URL through September 4, 2014.

Existing users will receive an email with more details in the coming weeks, or see our FAQ.

A Few Last Words of ThanksAt Vizify, our team had the extraordinary good fortune to receive advice, support, financing, and help from so many people – all of whom deserve our most heartfelt thanks:

To our families, who encouraged us to make the leap and rode the startup emotional roller coaster with us. To our investors, especially our lead investor and Chairman, Jonathan Sposato, who believed in us and dreamed with us. To TechStars and the Portland Seed Fund, for helping us refine our vision, and for plugging us in to such amazing communities of entrepreneurs. To all of the other advisors, adopters, enthusiasts and well-wishers for the excellent adventure.— Todd, Eli, Jeff, Patrick, Dave, Jason, and AndrewFor those who opt-in to archive a snapshot of their bio, the Terms of Servicewill continue to apply until September 4, 2014. For those who do not opt-in, the Terms of Service will continue to apply until April 7, 2014. In both cases, the Terms of Service will terminate and all licenses granted to you will be revoked on the specified date.

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Upload limitations in Flickr

Flickr is a place where you can upload photos and videos.Flickr provides more space upto 1 terabyte.So it’s a nice place to store the photos and videos.However there are certain limitations while uploading photos and videos.




flickr upload limitations




The limitations are,

  • Each photo can be up to 200 MB .
  • Each video can be up to 1 GB in size.

Supported file types are,

  • JPEG, GIF (non-animated), and PNG
  • Supports most formats or other formats will be converted to JPEG

When applicable, the following sizes are also saved when you upload photos:

Square 75 x 75 pixels
Square 150 x 150 pixels
Thumbnail 100  pixels
Small 240 pixels
Small 320 pixels
Medium 500 pixels
Medium 640 pixels
Medium 800 pixels*
Large 1024 pixels
Large 1600 pixels*
Large 2048 pixels*
Original size

* Sizes only available for images uploaded after March 1, 2012.

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Flickr 3.0 for iPhone and Android now available

Flickr is a place where you can upload photos upto 1tera byte.No w it is introducing flickr 3.0 for iphone and android.You can record up to 30 seconds of stunning HD video using the same live filters available with photos using new flickr applications.And you customize your video by adding different segments of footage.You can remove a recorded  segment with one tap.Some other features of new flickr application is,

  • New Auto Sync feature will upload all your original quality photos from your phone automatically to your account.
  • Intelligent search engine and help you to find images quick even if you have thousands of images.
  • Easy way to share photos directly to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Share and connect with the Flickr community.




Get flickr apps at,

  • –iphone
  • –android
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Twitter acquired Gnip

Hi friends, nowadays social media companies acquiring more and more products.Now in that line ,twitter acquired Gnip which is the world's largest and most trusted provider of social data. Previously twitter acquired coverscreen which was mentioned in our previous post .

Ofcourse gnip is the twitter’s first data partner.Gnip was founded in 2008 and also first data partner for many other companies such as Tumblr, WordPress, Foursquare, Disqus, IntenseDebate, StockTwits, and GetGlue.


twitter acquired gnip


Gnip in their blog says about this ,

Gnip is one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of social data. We partnered with Twitter four years ago to make it easier for organizations to realize the benefits of analyzing data across every public Tweet. The results have exceeded our wildest expectations. We have delivered more than 2.3 trillion Tweets to customers in 42 countries who use those Tweets to provide insights to a multitude of industries including business intelligence, marketing, finance, professional services, and public relations.Today I’m pleased to announce that Twitter has agreed to acquire Gnip! Combining forces with Twitter allows us to go much faster and much deeper. We’ll be able to support a broader set of use cases across a diverse set of users including brands, universities, agencies, and developers big and small. Joining Twitter also provides us access to resources and infrastructure to scale to the next level and offer new products and solutions.This acquisition signals clear recognition that investments in social data are healthier than ever. Our customers can continue to build and innovate on one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of social data and the foundation for innovation is now even stronger. We will continue to serve you with the best data products available and will be introducing new offerings with Twitter to better meet your needs and help you continue to deliver truly innovative solutions.Finally, a huge thank you to the team at Gnip who have poured their hearts and souls into this business over the last 6 years. My thanks to them for all the work they’ve done to get us to this point.We are excited for this next step and look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months. Stay tuned!

For more details also check here,

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Recuva free file recovery software

Hi friends in this post I am sharing free software to recover lost files.Let we see how it  helped me more.One friday , I  opened my laptop and chosen F drive .Unfortunately instead of opening ,I have formatted F drive fully. And it is the most frustrating moment for me,because most of my  software’s  and files are stored in F drive only.Then I searched in net for free file recover software.Yes some of them available which also showed with folder options  but most of them are  asked to pay when click recover.After some efforts , I found recuva which helped me to recover most all files which is ~6gb and it absolutely free!!!.A small drawback in recuva (but it is not for me)Only you will get files and  software  instead of folders.Suppose if you have a image folder upto 100 images,it displays 100 images without folders and some of them with different names.

Some other features are,

  • Recover deleted emails
  • Recover deleted iPod music
  • Restore unsaved Word documents
  • Portable version
  • Full Windows OS support and many languages









I used the wizard file type just like the above image.

Get recuva from here,

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

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Google drive storage plans at reduced rate

Hi friends,Google drive now reduced rates at less rate.Hope it will be useful for the google drive customers.Another thing 15GB free plan remains as same.Google says about the paid plans,

Well, that’s enough storage for you to take a selfie twice a day for the next 200 years and still have room left over for… shall we say… less important things.


google drive price reduced




Plans Present price Previous price
100GB $1.99 $4.99
1Tera byte $9.99 $49.99


For more details ,

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